Educational Philosophy

Our philosophy

Ver­i­tas Clas­si­cal Schools (VCS) acknowl­edges that chil­dren are a gift from the Lord. They are giv­en to par­ents who are com­mand­ed to be faith­ful stew­ards of God’s good gift. As such, par­ents bear imme­di­ate respon­si­bil­i­ty for the aca­d­e­m­ic and spir­i­tu­al nur­tur­ing of their chil­dren – nur­tur­ing which nec­es­sar­i­ly includes instruc­tion in the philo­soph­i­cal, his­tor­i­cal, and the­o­log­i­cal foun­da­tions of the Chris­t­ian faith.

VCS fur­ther acknowl­edges that this process nec­es­sar­i­ly includes instruc­tion in what truth is, how to iden­ti­fy it, and how to detect false­hood — all of which is pur­sued with­in the con­text of a com­pre­hen­sive Chris­t­ian under­stand­ing of God and his creation.

Our mission

VCS exists to pro­vide home schooled stu­dents with:

  • An inte­grat­ed core cur­ricu­lum in…
    • his­to­ry
    • lit­er­a­ture
    • com­po­si­tion
    • gram­mar
    • crit­i­cal thinking
    • vocab­u­lary / language
  • Teacher direct­ed assign­ments designed to orga­nize and out­line stu­dents’ work at home
  • Account­abil­i­ty for com­plet­ed assignments
  • Eval­u­a­tion of student’s progress by expe­ri­enced educators
  • Week­ly class­room inter­ac­tion with peers
  • Advanced sub­jects with enrich­ment activ­i­ties that may be dif­fi­cult to include in a home­school environment

We would not have been able to successfully homeschool our children without Veritas. The accountability that Veritas provides is so necessary.

– Veritas parent
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